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Knight and Day Yesterday

I watched Knight and Day with Gem yesterday =)

How was it? One word. “Meh“.

The movie was okay. It had some great scenes (like the car chase 30 minutes into the movie) and it has its moments when it makes you laugh or smile. I guess i thought the movie was just “meh” because i went into it expecting Missions Impossible 4 (meaning non stop adrenaline pumping action), I didn’t expect to get a romance comedy in the middle of it. Not to mention, my enjoyment was significantly lessened because of the jeje-moron who kept “k1ck1n6” my damn seat (Fuck ). So in retrospect, if i had aligned my expectations to what the movie is about (and if assholes who kick your seats didn’t exist), I would have liked it a little bit more. Just a little bit though, there are better movies out there who nailed the action-slash-comedy-slash-romance better. Off my head i can recommend True Lies, Mr. and Mrs Smith and Maging Sino ka Man (I’m being serious, this movie is a masterpiece. Robin Padilla is the shit).

Going off on a tangent, I noticed while watching the movie that Cameron Diaz looks really old, while Tom Cruise doesn’t look a day older than 35 (he should be 48 or 49). What’s with that? Did Tom Cruise sell his eternal soul to the devil or is he using some hi tech scientology de-ageficator? Just wondering. haha.

To wrap it all up, as I said, the movie was ok. How does it stand up to the rest of Tom Cruise’s work? Not that good. When Tom Cruise finally gets picked up by his alien gods and gets on that big flying saucer in the sky, we will miss him and we shall reminisce on all things Tom Cruise.  What movies will we remember? What will be on his E! True Hollywood Story?  For me, I’m thinking Top Gun, Risky Business, The color of Money, A Few Good Men, Jerry Maguire….

Oh yeah, and off course, who can forget this:

Sadly, we won’t remember Knight and Day. Still… you go Tom Cruise.



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Soft Opening

After 4 years, I have decided to faithfully keep a blog again. Four years ago, i was something of a blogging addict. Blogging was my cocaine, heroin, weed, alcohol and sex all rolled into one fantasti-glorious gratifying fix. It didn’t matter that practically no one read my blog (except for a few friends of mine), I kept posting and posting, soliciting attention and laughs from my imaginary audience  who pined and yearned for every magnificent morsel of my written word. Then I graduated from college, started working for the man, and stopped blogging because i was too busy trying to make myself filthy stinking rich.

Now, here I am, still dirt poor, starting a new blog. “But why laway?” Asks the voice of reason I like to call my “inner asshole ” (who by the way, is also the one that makes me get up early for work, makes me give my MRT seat to the elderly and makes me cover my eyes while watching characters in a movie making out). “Nobody gives a shit anyways, use your time doing more productive things, like reading Rich Dad Poor Dad or The Secret” .

Oh yeah? Well fuck you inner asshole! I give a shit.

Recently, I started reading through my old blog, just a few snippets here and there at first, but before I knew it i had read through the whole archive. While reading my posts  I’d smile at some and  I’d laugh out loud at others, but mostly I’d shake my head at most of the insane, idiotic and embarrassing stuff i wrote down. I realized after reading, that cheesy as it may sound, my blog  means something to me. It’s like a record of who I was in that point in time. So like other people cherish scrapbooks, photo albums and diaries, I cherish blogging.

So now its time to kiss that shitty old blog goodbye! In order to get into blogging again, I need a fresh start. This IS it. Get ready for rants, ramblings, movie reviews, game reviews, snotty opinions, assorted lists (everybody loves lists!), fits of rage and very rarely, some touching hear warming gems of writing.  Its going to be soooo much cooler and shit. It’ll be the most totally off the wall, rad, narly, awesome, sweet, stupendous, marvelous, amazing blog ever!!

Get the picture? No? This should do it:


O -freaking- kay.

BTW, here’s a link to the shitty old blog.


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