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I Found a Great Place to Have Dessert!!!

Almost everyday, while going home from work, I pass by this quaint little place that serves the most yummylicious desserts. But nowadays a great product is not enough to succeed. In order for customers to notice your wares, you must have a gimmick, something extra that piques people’s curiosity. That is why, aside from amazing foodstuffs, this store provides one of the oldest forms of entertainment; story telling.

While you eat, they regale you with the most amazing stories; fantastic yarns about love, loss and the inevitable triumph of the human spirit. This fantastic magical little stall is called:





Where they tell tales…

About Cocks.

This post is a work of fiction. Any similarities to actual entities or establishments are purely coincidental =)



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Finally… The Rock Has Come back to Wrestling!

And Everything is Forgiven

A few posts ago I wrote how the rock was “Da Shit”, then he had to go and do his Hollywood thing and ended up being plain Shit (link).

I forgive you Rock… I forgive you

Well not anymore! The Great One’s back baby!

Apparently it’s not going to be a one time appearance either! If we are to believe the video, he’s back in the active RAW roster.

Finally, I have a reason to watch the WWE again. Move over John Cena (I almost came in my pants when the audience turned their figurative backs on Cena. YEAAAHHHHHH!!! Cena Sucks!) and Randy Orton. Fuck off, Miz. The most electrifying man in sports entertainment is back. His 2nd coming will save Wrestling the way Michael Jordan’s 2nd coming saved basketball.

The Rock is the Wrestling Messiah!

I definitely smell what the Rock is cooking. And I can tell you, this time… it ain’t shit.


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Excited About Movies

Another new year has come, which means another new year of movies to look forward to! Here’s a list of the movies that I am excited about. Hopefully all of them turns out to be awesome. Nothing¬†depresses me more than a movie I thought was cool but turned out to be a load of piss soaked shit.

I am Number 4

After watching the trailer the thought “Twilight with Mutants!” came to mind. But still, this movie has piqued my curiosity. I don’t know if it’s just me though, but the trailer makes this movie look eerily like the movie Jumper (starring Hayden “Darth Vader” Christiansen).

Lets hope it turns out better, ’cause Jumper fucking sucked.


Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon

Uh oh. Another bayformers movie. After the awfulness that was Revenge of the Fallen, where we find out that Devastator has gigantic metal balls and that Primes can go all Mufasa and manifest themselves in the clouds, I am a little bit scared of this movie.

I’m still going to see it though. Why? Because dude, it’s a movie with giant-ass robots. God knows how much I love robots.

The Hobbit

To those who don’t know, the Hobbit is the story that sets up the whole Lord of the Rings Trilogy. It’s basically the story of Bilbo Baggins (Frodo’s uncle/relative/cousin/who the fuck cares), and how he bamboozles Gollum and obtains the One Ring of Power. I was a bit disappointed when Guilliermo del Torro stepped down as director for this movie (Hellboy 2 was awesome). But that disappointment all went away when Peter Jackson decided to make the Hobbit himself. Since he already made the LOTR trilogy, it’s only fitting he direct the Hobbit.

P.S. I think the Hobbit is going to be split into two movies. I’m not sure though (and I’m too lazy to google it dammit).


Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are spoofing another genre; Sci-Fi! I can’t wait. I loved Shaun of the Dead’s take on zombie movies (Shaun of the Dead > Zombieland btw) and Hot Fuzz’s take on the buddy cop movie. I’m betting this sci-fi comedy is going to be just as awesome.

One caveat though is that Edgar Wright (The director of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz) won’t be directing Paul.



Cowboys and Aliens

Cowboys are fucking awesome. Aliens are fucking awesome. Put them together and…

Yes, Cowboys and Aliens will make your fucking head explode because it is so fucking awesome. At least I think it will… Obviously it’s not actually out yet (duh). Still, the trailer is sexyawesome (That’s actually a word. you don’t need to look it up).

P.s. Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford look BADASS!!!



Thor and Captain America

I don’t know which is coming out first (again, I’m too lazy to google, but if I had to guess I think Thor is showing this year and Captain America next year), but both movies look cool. I’m more excited about Thor though. Mainly because, I’m curious as to how Thor’s “magical” power is going to look in the big screen.



Xmen: First Class and Amazing Spiderman

I’m not really sure how i feel about these two movies. On the one hand since FOX and Sony just keep making X-men and Spiderman movies respectively, so that the movie licenses don’t revert back to marvel studios, they probably don’t give a shit about the quality of the movies they spew out. On the other hand, the Xmen trailer has its great moments and Andrew Garfield (the new spiderman) is a pretty decent actor. And who the hell am I kidding anyways, no matter how shit stained the movies are, I’m still going to watch them. For I am a sheep in the Super Hero Movie farm.

The Dark Knight Rises

Christian Bale reprises his role as Batman, Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. Tom Hardy as Bane. And of course, the movie’s being directed by Christopher Nolan.

Even though they haven’t begun shooting it yet, I know The Dark Knight Rises is going to be the most awesome movie ever!!! I love The Dark Knight Rises as much as 13-year-old girls love Justin Beiber!!!



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