About Monkey

Form wikipedia (aka the source of all knowledge):

The term code monkey generally refers to a computer programmer or other person who writes computer code for a living. More specifically, it refers to a person only capable of grinding out code, but unable to perform the more intellectually complex tasks of software architecture, analysis, and design. The term is thus considered mildly insulting, and is often applied to the most junior people on a programming team.

Fuck. That’s sooo me.


5 responses to “About Monkey

  1. gem

    bakit gumagawa ka rin naman ng mga design documents ah.. so technically hindi ka lang code monkey.. hehe… ^_^

  2. john louie

    haha…. pano kung mas malala pa sa “only capable of grinding out code” tulad ng makakita ka sa check-in logs na “added comment” or design flow diagram on how to work….. 🙂

  3. gem

    parang kilala ko kung sinu yung tinutukoy ni louie?? hehe…

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