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Ironman versus Magneto

Marvel’s next big event is going to be “The Avengers versus The X-Men”. I’m excited, and comics fans should be excited too. But there’s one match up that is an eensy bit one sided don’t you think:



Instead of scanning the line art, I tried taking a picture of the original drawing with a camera phone instead. Just for the hell of it. It turned out pretty okay. Here’s the photo:


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10 movies I can watch over and over

There are certain movies that I can watch several times and still be entertained the nth time just as much as the first time I watched them. Not every good movie has this quality. You can watch an amazing movie once, but not watch it again (or if you do, you won’t watch it immediately). A good example for me would be Inception. Like I said before, Inception is an awesome, awesome movie. But it is also a mentally exhausting film. If you ask me to watch the movie again I’d probably decline (at least for now). In other words, you can’t expect me to watch Schindler’s List or Citizen Kane again and again and not go fucking insane.

But there are movies I can watch over and over without losing my mind. I can watch some movies multiple times; from monday to saturday, and still watch the damn flick when HBO shows it again for the umpteenth time on Sunday.

With that said, here are those movies!

The Incredibles

The incredibles is still my favorite super hero movie hands down and I can watch it until the end of time! And yes, for me The Incredibles IS better than Spiderman, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and Iron man. Don’t agree with me? Too bad. Make your own damn list.

Nacho Libre

The eagle eggs were a lie! They give me no Eagle Powers! They give me no Nutrients!“I laugh my ass off every single time. And I have watched this movie numerous times.I fucking love this movie! For me Nacho Libre is Jack Black at his very best. If you have to see one Jack Black movie, this is fucking it my friends.


I know, i know,  I said The Incredibles > Ironman. But Ironman is still an awesome movie to watch multiple times.

Jerry Maguire

Part romantic comedy, part satire, part sports movie, all awesome. Jerry Maguire is in my mind Tom Cruise’s finest work. He actually got nominated for a best actor oscar for this film. Too bad he didn’t win. Maybe he’d be less of a psycho now if he did.

Who the fuck am I kidding…

Any Rocky movie except Rocky 5

I have the movies’ OSTs in my IPOD. Nothing pumps me up more than a rocky balboa training montage.

First Blood

To those who are unfamiliar with this movie, First Blood is Rambo 1. But only noobs call it Rambo 1. Rambo 1 is awesome!


Yes, the costumes are matrix ripoffs. Yes, the plot is a bit absurd. But still, you have to love a movie that calls shooting people “gun-kata” and policemen grammaton clerics. NERDGASM!!!

Oh yeah!

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Shake and Bake again and again!

Street Fighter: The Movie

This movie is so god damn horrible that its awesome. In order to appreciate Street Fighter the movie, you have to see it as a parody, not an adaptation. With that frame of mind, this movie is a laughaton. My favorite lines from the movie? There are soooo many. But I have to pick this:

Chun Li: You and your bullies were driven back by farmers with pitchforks! My father saved his village at the cost of his own life. You had him shot as you ran away! A hero… at a thousand paces.

Bison: I’m sorry. I don’t remember any of it.

Chun Li: You don’t remember?

Bison: For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday.


Gorgeous is a Honkong movie starring Jackie Chan and Shu Qi. It’s basically a romantic comedy BUT with kung fu. That’s a recipe for a great movie if I ever saw one. In fact, I propose all romantic comedies have kung fu.

If they did I’d watch all of them.


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