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Dear iOS haters…

There is an idea going around a tiny minority of Android users regarding the iOS user base. No, I don’t mean that iOS users are sheep who buy every possible thing that Apple turns out. I think it’s somewhat true. Come on! Apple things are sexy! If I could afford to, I’d buy everything made by Apple as well (And Sony too, and Microsoft and Samsung…). Besides, what’s wrong with sheep? Sheep are cute, fluffy and have been helping cure insomnia since the dawn of time.

Admit it. I'm cute.

The idea I mean is that iOS users are incompetent, wannabe artists, who have a deep underlying fear of technology. In other words, the idea that iOS users are “n00bs” while Android users are some sort of technology paragons.

‘The Fuck!?

First let me get two things out in the open:

1. I think Android is Awesome

Ice Cream Sandwich specifically. It’s leaps and bounds better than iOS in some ways (just like how iOS is better than Android in some other ways). I love its task manager, the widgets (specially the super useful settings widget) and that the customization options are near endless. From a smart phone OS perspective, I think Android has caught up to iOS and they are now on equal footing. Why do I prefer an iPhone then? That’s a story for another post.

2. Not all Android users believe this shit

Of course, not every android user believes this idea. I know a few Android users, and they are fine upstanding citizens. In fact, my wife is an Android user. She owns a Galaxy s2. Great phone by the way. But don’t tell her, I hate her cellphone case. Shhhhh.

In fact, I only see this idea rear its ugly head in tech site comment sections and forums, where idiots can hide behind anonymity. It’s easy to spew hate when people don’t know who you are. I want to believe these are a minority of Android users. It is because of them (whom I shall refer as “haters” moving on)that I write this post.

Most of the time, the haters attack iOS for its simplicity. Basically they take iOS’ strength (like Steve Jobs said: It just works) and make it look like it’s weakness.

“It’s limiting.”

“It’s designed for 5 year olds.”

“It’s designed for really old people.”

“Why can’t you do this on iOS?”

“Why can’t you do that?”

Yada yada yada. Yackity Schmackity.

On the other hand, they say that Android is the answer. In every way that iOS is shit, Android is king. It’s a powerful, advanced, customizable behemoth. And somehow, because they are able to tame this monster of an OS, to make it submit, to make it provide for their every whim, they think they are superior to the lowly iOS sheep who “Baaahh” at Siri and follow wherever iOS leads them.

I have a message to you high and mighty tamers of beasts: Wake. The. Fuck. Up.

Android is an OS that runs the phone/tablet you use, just like iOS. That makes you just like the rest of us: USERS. Android is a tad more complicated than iOS (okaaay, probably more than a tad). Mastering and knowing the ins and outs of Android does not make you Stephen-fucking-Hawking! Anyone can master android.

  • If you can use Windows for PC you can master android
  • If you can use a Scientific Calculator you can master android
  • If you play video games (ps3, xbox 360, psp 3ds or wherever) you can master android
  • If you can operate a television (specially with one of those programmable universal controllers) you can master android.

Basically if you have an IQ high enough to be considered a functioning member of our species, you can use AND master android given an appropriate amount of time to use an android device.

"So how about that ICS Harry. Pretty Sweet huh?"

Using android is not equivalent to winning a fucking Nobel Prize in physics. It isn’t Rocket Science.

To make a long story short: You do not have the right to brag about better than iOS users just because you can customize your theme and they can’t, because you have cool widgets and they don’t, or you have oodles of fully customized ROMS you could download into your phone and they don’t. You don’t have the right to brag because YOU DID NOT MAKE THOSE THINGS. YOU JUST USE THEM. So unless you designed those themes, wrote those cool widgets or developed those ROMS yourself, you can have a nice big serving of shut the fuck up.

Note: Obviously it goes both ways. People who hate on android should also keep their traps shut. It’s annoying as well.



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